Updating recordset

08-Jan-2018 20:13

If either the Due to the nature of transactional changes, you can't delete the same resource record set more than once in a single change batch.

If you attempt to delete the same change batch more than once, Amazon Route 53 returns an To create resource record sets for complex routing configurations, use either the traffic flow visual editor in the Amazon Route 53 console or the API actions for traffic policies and traffic policy instances.

This error is generated on the actual RS("\`Unique\`")=1 statement and not on the RS. We are currently trying to decide if we should migrate our application from access Jet to either My SQL or MSSQL DBMS.

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I've tried many different things and here is what I stopped trying with that obviously doesn't work. Change batches are considered transactional changes. When using the Amazon Route 53 API to change resource record sets, Amazon Route 53 either makes all or none of the changes in a change batch request.