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Artists who played a major part in popularizing landscape painting are the most sought after, as are painters with a uniquely individual style, such as Thomas Cole, Frederic E. It is of paramount importance that you find a reputable dealer, though.

If you don’t, you could end up selling a 0,000 painting for ,500.

My suggestion would be to pick up an art magazine such as , look at gallery advertisements and search for information about some of the galleries online. How do I know if I’m getting a fair price when selling through an auction house? At auction you receive the value of a painting at one specific moment in time, which is subject to the world economy and who attends the auction.

If two people who want the painting are present, then you’ll get a better price; however, if they aren’t there, you won’t.

Here, the work on the right is an original painting, whereas the image on the left is a print.

This directly affects the market value of his paintings—his American paintings are usually more costly than his European works. The importance of the artist is the key factor in the valuation of Hudson River School art. It is more likely that galleries will be able to give you an idea of value as they evaluate the commercial price of paintings on a daily basis.If you believe the painting is on canvas, then you might also check the back to judge the age of the work; a nineteenth-century canvas will typically look dark and quite aged, unless it has been restored.Even with these tricks, your safest bet is to send an image to a trusted dealer or restorer to provide an initial evaluation of the work. 1 Prints and paintings can look very similar and it is necessary to look closely.For information about appraisals and a list of appraisers, click here. Speaking of subject matter—does it affect my painting’s value? Identifiable and common subject matter often make a painting more valueable. The paintings of these artists are highly sought after by dealers, collectors and museums.

For example: Thomas Cole is revered for being the father of the Hudson River School and the artist who made American landscape painting popular. The difference in value of two paintings by the same artist often comes down to subject matter, date, size, and condition. Will art galleries be willing to assist me with my painting or should I contact a museum?Catalogue raisonné committees also exist for select painters. Dealers are conversant with the market often know the up-to-date value of paintings by certain artists.

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