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08-Oct-2017 15:34

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The blame-game is all too familiar with emotional psychopaths.They never take responsibility for their actions and always expect someone else to take the fall. Because emotional psychopaths crave attention, they want to make sure you don’t give any to anyone else. A recently divorced woman will talk about her ex and scathingly describe him as a "sociopath" or a "narcissist." While it may bring her a sense of justification by labeling her ex, what does she really gain from playing the victim in her divorce?Many people, both men and women, experience a range of emotions when they are going through a divorce.

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So is your ex really a sociopath or a narcissist, or is he just acting out?

They don’t even have to be major fibs – little white lies are the same.

Emotional psychopaths have a tendency to lie about everything, which provides an unstable foundation for a relationship.

In serious cases, emotional psychopaths may threaten to physically harm themselves.

Despite all of the bad things they do – and the frequency with which they hurt you – emotional psychopaths rarely show remorse.

And what is the the difference between a sociopath and a narcissist?