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Most people remember his most famous victim: The actress Sharon Tate, who was pregnant when she was gruesomely murdered by the Manson family. That has a lot of people wondering who Charles Manson killed.According to Thought Co., “George Spahn, the owner of Spahn’s Movie Ranch, hired Shea to help care for the horses that were kept on the ranch.” Charles Manson and his family eventually moved to the ranch and, there, they ran into conflict with Shea.

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According to IMDB, “Of the nine people the so-called ‘Manson Family’ was convicted of killing, Frykowski has the dubious distinction of being the recipient of the most viciousness in his murder.

It angered Shea to hear Manson’s prejudice rampages towards blacks and it did not take long before he detested the man,” reports Thought Co.