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It has 5 archbishoprics and 12 bishoprics : Catania, without any suffragans; Monreale, with Caltamisetta and Girgenti ; Palermo, with Cefalù, Mazzara, and Trapani ; Syracuse, with Caltagirone, Notto, Piazza Armerina. Lucia del Mela are immediately subject to the Holy See.

The parishes in Sicily are few in number and consequently very large.

The Greeks had established themselves at some of the ports as early as the time of the Trojan War. C., when the Athenian Theocles was driven thither by a tempest.

He induced the Chalcidians of Eubea to settle at Naxos and the Dorians to found a new Megara.

Next year the Corinthians expelled the Siculi from the island of Ortygia, thus establishing the cradle of the city of Syracuse.

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The two principal lakes are those of Lentini and Pergusa; on the southern coast there are very many lagoons and unhealthy marshes.

Though in antiquity Sicily was the granary of Rome, the production of grain (22,275,000 bushels) is not sufficient for the home consumption, a fact to be explained either by the increase of population, or by the system of large estates, or by the primitive methods employed. There is a large export of fruits, including oranges and lemons, and of carob beans.

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