Accommodating meaning

22-Nov-2017 12:51

Many flowers were originally linked to ancient deities including Venus, Diana, Jupiter and Apollo.

During the Renaissance, nature was viewed as a reflection of the divine.

This tradition has existed in many cultures throughout history and continues today.

Popular girls' names related to flowers include Rose, Daisy, Lily, Holly, Violet, Heather, Fern, Jasmine, Myrtle, and Lavender.

These bulbs are sold to bloom over the winter holidays.

(Photo courtesy of Digigalos, Wikimedia Comoons.) The flower symbolism associated with asters is daintiness, love, from Greek word for "star." Asters are believed to have healing properties.

Flower symbolism was included in much of the religious art of the day and medieval gardens were often created with both the symbolic meaning of flowers and spiritual symbolism in mind.

(See article on Mary Gardens.) Flower symbols were used in the religious art of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and reached the highest level of development in the Victorian era.

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They are native to Europe, but have been naturalized throughout the eastern United States.

During the Victorian era, flowers adorned nearly everything--hair, clothing, jewelry, home decor, china plates, stationary, wallpaper, furniture and more.

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